It is finally here!This is a new replica of the M4A1 from FN Herstal, a new GBBR that everyone will love for sure! The M4 is a military assault rifle made


It is finally here!

This is a new replica of the M4A1 from FN Herstal, a new GBBR that everyone will love for sure!

The M4 is a military assault rifle made in the USA. It is based on the XM177 and the XM177E2 carbines first used by Special Operations Groups (SOG) and LRRP units during the Vietnam war. The two versions were also used by US Army and Air Force units and the second one by US Navy SEALs  during the same period. The first Colt M4 entered service in the US special forces units by 1994 and is now partially replacing the M16 - from which it originates - in all American combat units.

This compact weapon is ideally suited to motorised and special units. It allows them to gain mobility and manoeuvrability, two characteristics that are a priority have the right of way at range.

The M4 is directly linked to the M16 but with a 4-position collapsible stock, a shortened barrel, a handguard, a gas tube, as well as safe-semi-full auto fire modes. 

The upper, the receiver, the bolt assembly, the carry handle and its integrated sight, as well as the magazines, are similar to those of an M16.

Here is a replica faithful to the original weapon thanks to its official markings and its dimensions. This Gas replica offers not only honorable performances but also outstanding sensations!

  • Replica made of Nylon fiber and metal
  • A power of 1.2 joules  / 110 m/s
  • Adjustable hop-up 
  • Movable slide 
  • Functional Bolt Catch
  • 3 firing modes: safety / semi / full

Utgångshastighet110 m/s (0,20g)
Joule1.2 J
Hop-UpJa. justerbar
EldlägeSafe - Semi - Full auto
MaterialMetall - Polymer
Gängad pipaJa, 14mm CCW
  • Vapen
  • Magasin
  • Manual

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