Här får du ett paket med alla tillbehör och båten (så klart)... Dessa produkter ingår:ICROSS Sits (1 st.)ICROSS Bärrem (1 st.)ICROSS Ryggsäck 110


Här får du ett paket med alla tillbehör och båten (så klart)... 

Dessa produkter ingår:
ICROSS Sits (1 st.)

ICROSS Bärrem (1 st.)

ICROSS Ryggsäck 110L (1 st.)

ICROSS Säkerhetskit (1 st.)

ICROSS 1410 (1 st.)

ICROSS Folding Kayak Paddle (1 st.)

ICROSS 1410 Package includes:

  • ICROSS 1410 

  • Kayak Backrest 

  • Folding Kayak Paddle 

  • ICROSS Carry bag

  • Backpack strap

  • Paddle Leash

ICROSS® 1410 is suitable for the adventurer / explorer who wants to get out and about on the pristine forest lake, or move freely in wild rivers, and fish from the grounds and islands. But also great if you want to slide on the coast and fish for undisturbed fish.

The ICROSS® 1410 measures 140x95x20 cm, (55x37x8 inch). And comes with features adjusted for fishing, like two brackets on each side for mounting a paddle. EVA non slip. A high quality carrying strap. D-rings on top to attach seat. D-rings on the underside to attach backpack strap. D-ring in front. Flexible cord in front for easy securing up to three rods.

Capacity: 130 kg (285 lbs) | Weight 6 kg (13 lbs) | Tan/Green

ICROSS® 1410 is also supplied with a powerful double-acting pump, detachable fin and repair kit if an accident occurs.

2 years warranty!


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